A little about me.

I’m a Ruby programmer based in Poland working as an independent Ruby on Rails consultant. I write Ruby on Rails tips for The Rails Foundation’s official Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Currently, I’m learning more about HTTP/2 and the internals of web frameworks like Ruby on Rails. Besides staring at computer screens, I like astrophysics and boxing. I co-edit This Week In Rails.

At the moment, I’m working on my first book which will be a collection of Ruby idioms, tips and tricks with explanations, use cases and examples.

I host The Rails Changelog, a podcast about Ruby on Rails and Ruby features and news to which I encourage you to subscribe if you want to stay up-to-date with Rails and Ruby news and features.

I share Ruby, Rails and web development YouTube, if you’d like to subscribe. I’m on GitHub and Twitter in case you’d like to connect. Here’s my email: hi@manny.codes.