A lot of the time I wish could keep myself up-to-date on Ruby and Rails stuff through other means other than reading.

I work full-time with computers, 8 hours of screen time is more than enough. After work, I still want to know what’s going on with Ruby and Rails.

Maybe if there was a podcast that reported the news around Ruby and Rails in audio I could rest my eyes a bit and still stay abreast of Rails and Ruby developments.

This endeavour won’t reduce my screen time for sure, but someone else might find my podcasting useful and I certainly enjoy the process of creating content so why not.

How did I come up with “The Rails Changelog”? I didn’t. I spoke a lot about this podcast with Greg Molnar from This Week In Rails. The name I came up with initially was nothing to write home about, so Greg proposed ‘The Rails Changelog”.

However, on Twitter, our handle is @railschangelog, and the domain name is without the “the”.

The format of this podcast will be quite similar to what I do with This Week In Rails except that this is not official! It’s a personal side project. I’ll be reporting on Rails’ development, and eventually Ruby.

This podcast will be biweekly if I don’t forget to record or if something gets in the way.

Have a listen.

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